Monument – Plumpton, VIC 3335
1392 Plumpton Road, Plumpton VIC 3335, Australia

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Located just minutes from Caroline Springs it is close to major highways and public transport offering access, affordability and quality in a single unique location.


Monument will feature a Neighbourhood Centre that will provide retailing for the extended community via a major supermarket and hosting a number of speciality shops including cafes and restaurants.

The square in front of the shopping centre will serve as a key community space for community interaction and a meeting point for residents.

In addition to the retail hub Monument will feature a business hub that will serve the local community needs for small and medium businesses looking for a community focussed area. People can work and share their new ideas in an incubator-styled environment that will add further to the richness of community interactivity.


Telstra Smart Home ®
Be at home, even when you’re away.

Every eligible monument customer will be provided with a Telstra Smart Home® starter kit and devices

Imagine if you could manage your home while you’re out - check that you turned off the iron this morning, watch your pets play while you’re at work or even see the kids come home from school. You can do all this and more with the Telstra Smart Home® App and connected devices on your home broadband.

The Telstra Smart Home® App makes it easy for you to talk to your smart home devices, with customised automations. Create instructions in the app to tell your smart home devices what to do and when to do it. You only need to set up automations once and the Telstra Smart Home® App will remember them for you.

The Telstra Smart Home® Starter Kits and bonus additional devices will be handed to each resident upon settlement of their land.

Landscaping Design


Resi Ventures loves bringing land to life

Creating communities that people want to call home. We see each community that we create as a living, breathing entity and what better way to showcase that with state of the art front gardens designed by an award winning landscape architect. After a long day at work, when you come home you want to relax – that’s why we will be creating an amazing garden filled estate. From the entrance to the gorgeous front gardens and 5 hectares of wetlands you will be proud to call it your home.

Over time the front gardens, streetscape and wetlands will integrate and beautify the overall aesthetics of the estate. You get a choice of 6 beautiful designs for your front garden, so your house becomes a home. A home that you are proud of and a home that is the envy of your neighbours.We invite you to be part of our vision and our new community.


The inspiration for the six garden choices at monument was to provide a diverse choice of attractive, low maintenance gardens that change colour with the seasons and provide year round visual interest.

All the gardens offer clearly differentiated styles but with an integration between colours and plants that continues into the broader estate design. The layouts, materials, flowers and foliage options are designed to cater to a broad range of tastes, in modern styles to complement the development.

This reflected in the names of the styles: Contemporary, Asian, Bold, Geometric, Bush and Classical.

The range of hardy native and exotic ground covers, trees and shrubs will grow in a layered fashion so there will be a variety of different heights, sizes and forms. We have also given the gardens texture through contrasting foliage types. There is a lot of colour, with red, yellow, blue and pink flowers as well as foliage ranging from green to red, purple and silver.

Scale is also important so all the plants are suitable for front gardens with small set backs to dwellings, to ensure the gardens remain in scale with the house as they grow.

By selecting drought resistant plants we will ensure the gardens will survive the toughest of seasons as well as preserving valuable water resources. They are also low maintenance to ensure the home owners have to spend a minimum of time on upkeep.

While we have created clearly different designs we have integrated the plants into the overall masterplan to create a beautiful and integrated environment to give the whole estate a cohesive look and feel.

When completed monument will be a beautiful green environment that encourages wildlife and activity from residents in a garden lifestyle that changes with the seasons.







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