Mr Phua C K

(Invested in multiple properties since February 2003)

Just dropping a word of thanks and appreciation for the great service you have rendered me all these past years in Reapfield Property, which has kept me coming back for a number of purchases in NZ and Australia.

I am impressed with your consistent level of competency and integrity as you launched and serviced project after project, and happy for your success. Plus your personal friendly touch, and being ever accessible and helpful beyond sales.

May you continue to enjoy the just reward of your labours as you and your staff keep Reapfield going!

All the best, and God Bless


Mr A Wee

(Invested since July 2009)

I brought my family to Melbourne to view the 2 properties we got from Reapfield last month and overall, we’ve been very impressed with the way things turned out.

We were particular impressed with Home@Flinders, the only regret was not getting another unit or a larger unit back in 2009.  Very clean, very well managed after a decade. Layout of the studio was functional and good The natural lighting exceeded our imagination.

Other than the initial safety issues for the incoming tenants in Thornhill Park (which have been largely resolved, with thanks), I am quite confident that the development will continue to grow and blossom when the schools, town centres, wetlands, train station and neighbouring suburbs are completed.

Thanks again.


Ms A Mak

(Invested since August 2016)

I must emphasized and confidently say that you are the best and reliable person in your profession.

You truly have impressed me very much, of your prompt and efficient service.

Your explanation is very precise and clear.

Definitely, gives me that "boost" of confidence to stay calm and not to worry!

I am truly grateful for your kind assistance and guidance in my "small" investment.

Well, I'll see how the rental and my cash flow goes...….. who knows I may generate and roll my funds again into another Top A class property with you. haha!

Once again, thank you for your prompt reply and consolation.

God bless and stay safe

Mr & Mrs Ng H H

(Invested since October 2015)

Thank you, and it has been always a very good and happy investment experience to work with Reapfield for the service provided. 


(Invested since March 2015)

When we were first introduced to Reapfield to consider a foreign property investment in Melbourne, we were very hesitant as we had basically no knowledge of investing in property. However when we visited a property launch by Reapfield in 2015, the property agents, Steven and Ann, were very professional and dedicated to answer and clarify all our doubts and questions with sincerety. They shared from the heart and were in no hurry to sell the properties. They were more concerned that we, as first timers in such a venture, would be knowledgeable and confident to take a bold and yet rewarding step forward.

We have never looked back since, as Reapfield saw us through every step of our purchase along the way. Even to this day, if we have any queries, Steven or any of his personnel at Reapfield would go out of their way to assist or link us to the relevant contacts. This is even after a few years since the sales have been completed; truly a rare and dedicated bunch of professionals. This is just a short testimony, but suffice it to say that their dedication has also blessed us with another property purchase from Reapfield not too long ago. 


(Invested since September 2016)

"A commitment in a property overseas involves risk." We were sceptical at first if an investment in a foreign country will give us peace of mind or will make us go "crazy". We met Peter Thng of Reapfield Properties in 2016. That meeting changed our perception of investing abroad. We were persuaded to purchase a property in Melbourne by Peter with a dedicated team of professionals both in Singapore and Australia. The investment was smooth except for a bank loan from an APPROVED Australian Bank. Thank you for your efforts to ensure that our investment in an overseas property is a breeze! 


(Invested since September 2016)

I always dream of having a big house that comes with 4 bedrooms, 2 cars garage and a spacious backyard garden. 

Reapfield provides a full turnkey one-stop land and house building project with a rental guarantee that makes home buying from starting to the finishing line a simple and easy process. 

I'm now a proud owner of Australian property in Melbourne with rental income. 

They have finally made my dream come true! Thank you. 


(Invested since April 2013)

My experience with one of the partner Steven has been awesome. His company's projects are comprehensively researched. He provides a step by step guide to buying a property in Australia, and you can go to him anytime for advice. Very happy with the level of professionalism and service.  


(Invested in multiple properties since July 2010)

We purchased our first investment property from a Reapfield roadshow almost 10 years ago and were pleasantly surprised and touched to learn that Reapfield is a boutique property marketing company where all the staff members are as close as a family and work hand in glove tirelessly to address the constant queries from their clients to the best of their abilities in layman's terms. This is extremely important given that property is a big ticket item. Reapfield's after sales service were also impeccable as they were very responsive to all our queries and attempt their best to answer them even though it may not be under their purview. The positive experience we had with Reapfield led us to purchases 2 additional investment properties from them. We are very confident in their ability to keep and deliver their promises and look forward to a long term working relationship with them. Thank you for everything, Reapfield. We are glad to be your clients and hope you will market more good projects in the years to come. 

Ms Azizah

Invested since July 2020

How exciting!

Yes ! I got the house of my choice! Im speechless and the approval brought tears to my eyes after all the intense work and effort.

This can't be achieved without great work and support from Jill. Thank you Jill for bring so patient with us..lol

You guys have made a huge difference to me and my whole family in Perth and Singapore.

Once again, thank you so much Peter, Jill, Jay, Damian, Axyl, Jovan and Hedi for the outstanding teamwork and patience.

Mr E F Lau

Invested since August 2019

My experience with one of the sales manager - Ann is awesome. I went to one of her property exhibitions skeptical about Perth property and came back buying not just one property but two. She has been very good in explaining the key drivers for the Perth properties and what to look out for. The post sales services I receive is one of the best i ever had. After 1 year, I am a satisfied owner with 2 Perth properties that yield more than 5%. If you are looking to buy Australia property, look for Ann, you will never go wrong.